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Resident Engineer

West Midlands, United Kingdom

Job Title: Resident Engineer 
Location - West Midlands 
Job Details 
(a)  Responsible to: Principal Engineer / Associate / Contracts Manager/ SGQE Director 
The following description is intended as a guide only for the Resident Engineer (RE) as inevitably 
it  will  need  modifying  for  each  particular project, as  new  work  types  are  encountered, as new 
technologies are developed etc.  
This  key  role  forms  an  essential  part  of  our  consultancy/  contracting  teams  who  are  designing 
and  implementing  the  works  and  gives  close  interaction  with  the  contractor,  regulators  and 
Key Tasks: 
  First and foremost the RE’s responsibility is to attend all site operations ‘in the ground’, 
giving  clear  and  concise  guidance  to  the  operational  staff  through  the  Site  Foreman/ 
Operations  Manager.  Once  all  data  is  in  place,  the  RE  will  produce  a  validation  report 
and the as-built documents. 
  Understand  the  site  operations  needed  to  implement  the  requirements  of  the  approved 
Strategy and Specifications. 
  Supervision of remedial works. 
  Undertake contract administration and issue site instructions. 
  Assist  the  Contracts  Manager/  Project  Manager  with  the financial  management  of  the 
project and/ or projects and assist in monthly valuations. 
  Ensure that the  standard  of  workmanship on  site complies  with  the  contract  documents 
(drawings, Bill of Quantities, strategy, specifications etc). 
  Monitoring progress of the works against the programme. 
  Undertake in-situ and ex-situ tests, sampling and monitoring. 
  Take records and produce as-constructed drawings. 
  Interpretation and compliance with the specifications. 
  Identify faulty  materials  and  workmanship  and highlight  these  issues  to  the Contracts 
Manager (or to other senior staff) and discuss/ agree measures to rectify those. 
  Keeping to programme. 
  Actively monitor health and safety. 
  Be responsible for maintaining the works site diary (incl. records of delays, weather etc) 
and taking progress photographs. 
  Hold  and  record  pre-contract  meeting(s)  to  discuss  all  aspects  of  the  works  and 
thereafter conduct and record subsequent site meetings as required. 
  Gather  the  correct  level  of  meaningful  information  as  required  by  the  Strategy  and 
  Compile  verification  data  in  a  Company  wide  consistent  format  and  translating  this 
through to the Project Manager.  
  Liaise  with  the  technical  and  site contracting  teams as  well  as  ensuring  that  all  relevant 
regulators are provided with all the information they require as and when throughout the 
  Coordinate  and  schedule  all  in-situ  and  laboratory  testing  (geotechnical  and 
chemical).and  associated environmental  monitoring, topographic  survey  work  etc, 
ensuring that the aims and objectives of the project are achieved. 
  Have  a  detailed  understanding  of  DoT  Specification  for  Highways  Works,  particular 
Series 600, Earthworks.  
  Have  a  detailed  understanding  of  Earthworks  and  Drill  and Grout. 
  Have a  detailed understanding of end product and method related types  of compaction, 
when these would be applied and the characterisation of soils. 
  It  is  accepted  that  unforeseen  ground  conditions  will  inevitably  be  encountered,  in 
particular  during  the  reclamation  of  brownfield  land.  In  the  event  that  something  is 
encountered  that  was  not  anticipated  in  the  original strategy, and is outside the RE’s 
knowledge and experience, then the works will be suspended in that particular area and 
the appropriate member(s) of the project management team will resolve the matter. 
  Where required, the RE will be expected to work away from home for the duration of the 
  An RE may be expected to supervise Assistant Resident Engineers and either one large 
project or several smaller projects. 
The above is not exhaustive and is subject to change due to changes within the organisation. 

For more information please contact:

Chris Hoskin (/West Midlands/South West/Wales) - 07947884558


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